Peterbilt has enhanced its SmartAir no-idle system which will help keep main and auxiliary batteries charged while utilizing electric powered devices and running the air-conditioning system. The new auto-start technology is fully integrated into the vehicles electrical system which monitors battery levels. The system will start the engine if levels fall below a certain standard.

SmartAir is a factory-installed option that is fully integrated throughout the HVAC system. The system is controlled through a LCD display screen which monitors levels and performs several safety checks before starting the engine for recharge.

“It’s lightweight, compact and provides outstanding climate control in even the harshest conditions. The new auto-start technology complements the SmartAir system by helping ensure customers have the necessary power when they need it,” said Scott Newhouse, chief engineer.

The technology is available as an option on 579 models that are equipped with either a 72 or 80 inch sleeper and SmartAir.

“SmartAir is a popular feature which allows customers to reduce fuel costs, comply with no-idle regulations and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Newhouse.

SmartAir is located on the exterior of the cab which allows for optimum performance without compromising under-bunk storage space. It utilizes existing ducts to allow for superior fit and finish. The system can operate for up to 10 hours on a single charge and has 7,500 BTE per hour cooling capabilities. The system also has interlocks which ensure the system does not start unexpectedly.

Image: ©2015 Peterbilt.