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Peterbilt’s “Commitment to Class” Event a Success

Red Peterbilt truck grill.
Image: Peterbilt Motors Company. All Rights Reserved.

In a bid to attract even more customers, Peterbilt recently invited fleet managers to a Denton, Texas event where visitors were given the chance to see – first-hand – how the truck dealer works its magic. It was only a three day event, but nevertheless, a memorable one.

Dubbed the “Commitment to Class” show, the events allowed customers to take a closer look at some of Peterbilt’s vocational diesel trucks. Most of the trucks on show were the newer models characterized by innovative technology and higher efficiency compared to their peers. Customers were allowed to tour the assembly plant and upon request allowed to test-drive a wide range of vehicles.

All in all, there were a lot of diesel trucks to see and test. From mixers to heavy-haul and tankers to refuse trucks, it was a very busy event. There were also dumpers and oilfield trucks.

Immediately after the event, Peterbilt assistant manager of sales and marketing Robert Woodall took some time to discuss the whole strategy with journalists. He described Commitment to Class events as a masterstroke, lauding it as an excellent opportunity for Peterbilt to interact with fleet managers.

“It allows us to provide hands-on demonstrations of our latest innovations,” said Woodall.

Asked why they chose the Denton plant, Woodall described the plant as one of the most important stations for the truck company.

“The Denton manufacturing plant is strategic to our success. It is one of our strongest sales tools to showcase our unparalleled commitment to quality.”

Attendees thrilled by the event!

A majority of the attendants were full of praise for event with most of them describing it a huge success. Apparently, people were very happy that they got the opportunity to test several trucks.

“The event allowed me to experience both the trucks themselves and the support technologies,” said Daryl Mizell who works as a sourcing manager for Argos USA Corp. “I had the chance to test so many trucks with different specifications. This was probably the best way to evaluate how the different configurations can help improve my fleet productivity.”

However, just as with most other attendees, Mizell said that the biggest benefit of the event was learning how Peterbilt could help him improve his business.

“I was able to learn how to do business throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle with better performance and greater profitability!”