Hello fellow Journeymen, apprentice mechanics and I must not forget, those aspiring to-be-mechanics either. My name is Alex Smith, and I hail from Calgary, Alberta. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s in Canada where we ride polar bears to work and drink maple syrup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously. Ok, maybe not. Anyways, as a newcomer to Mechanics Hub, I feel I should share a little about myself, as I expect we will be spending lots of time together. Through the web of course. Ok…enough of the bad humour.

I am a 22 year old employed Apprentice Heavy Duty Mechanic, where I deal largely with tractors and trailers. We do not deal with engines and transmissions, rather we send these issues out to the dealerships from which they came. I come from a mechanical background, my father being a retired Instrument Technician, and I can remember fixing all sorts of junk around the house and making it work better than when it started. From that point, when I turned 18, I headed out to Ontario to pursue a career as a Millwright. After jumping from job to job because of safety concerns, bad pay, and generally grumpy people, I decided to try Heavy Duty Mechanics. And this brings us here.

The series of blogs I will be writing are twofold. They provide YOU with stories from a rookie working for a sketchy company and perhaps some comic relief, and they provide ME with a story of my past experiences. I plan to share my successes and failures, ranging from elation to the classic face-meets-hand scenarios. I hope that you, the readers, will in turn share your experiences, perhaps to make me feel like less of an idiot. As I stated earlier, I am a rookie and I’m certain that many of you will find my mistakes terribly hilarious. Those who are less experienced may learn from my errors as I learn the trade.

I’m one to keep introductions short and to the point. I prefer to make a lasting impression. On that note, I will sign off until the next time.

Talk soon! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment or introduce yourself below.