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School Bus Video – Some of My Favorites

Favorite videos from a school bus mechanic

Changing The C2 Saf-T-Liner School Bus Windshield

The Thomas C2 Saf T Liner school bus has a very large windshield and it takes 2 to 3 glass technicians to get it installed. We use Speedy Glass and they use 3 installers because of the dimensions and overall weight of the windshield. These windshields cost some $$$ to replace.


Service Call from Last Year

This video was from a service call I went on last year. One of our buses was on a field trip and he ran over a steel post that wasn’t cut short enough. There was a dip in the parking lot the bus was driving through so the post put a gaping hole in the oil pan.


Throttle Position Sensor Repair

Here is a throttle position sensor problem we had on one of the pusher buses. It had no throttle and the driver could not accelerate. It turned out to be a bad connection at the TPS connector. We found that the driver’s right foot might have kicked the connection loose.

The wiring on the connector has to be tied securely to avoid damage. We found out first hand what happens to an diesel engine with no throttle position signal to the Engine and chassis control modules. It will go absolutely nowhere without that signal.


Cool Tool Of The Month

Finally I wanted to share this Snap On Video Scope that we use to look around corners …literally. I’m trying to locate some serial numbers for a wheel chair lift and can’t get around to see with my melon sized head. It’s also a handy tool for looking for leaks and shooting through piping to check for blockage. I highly recommend this tool for your shop if the boss will let you spend the money 🙂



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