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South Africa Mining Industry Future

From the beginning of November, 2011, many things happened to the South Africa mining industries. As a result, South Africa’s Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu is conducting road shows in Australia and Britain to soothe investors’ fears about nationalization and drum up investment and on Wednesday according to TimesLive told a mining conference. To many professional mining ore crushing machineries manufacturers,such as Zenith mineral crusher manufactuer in China, this information may means new business chance for them.The future of South Africa mining industries are mining ore crusher producers’ future.   The South Africa Mineral Resources South Africa mineral resources are very rich, it take 50% mineral resources of Africa countries in amount and the mineral resources is the fifth one of the world. The platinum metals, manganese, the chrome, gold, andalusite, vanadiumore resources are the first one of the world; the reserves of fluorite, titanium, vermiculite, zirconium resources are the second of the world; the diamond, antimony, phosphate resources are the fourth; nickel, uranium resources are the fifth; the lead, coal, iron ore resources are the seventh, eighth and ninth. Mining industries have been the most important parts of South Africa economy. It also affects the farming, manufacturing industry, electric power industry and construction industries.   Obviously, the large mining resources of SA ensure that world mining investors have to focus on this market.  This report greatly enhance their confidence. With the iron ore price reboud, many more mining processing plant will be built here. SA mining industry are still bright.Meanwhile, the upstream industries like Mining ore crushers and the downstream industries like metallurgy industries will have bright future in South Africa. Job opportunities will be created, too