The Facts and Fiction of Modern Car Audio Systems

Video: an educational video on the fine print of audio systems in modern cars. We discuss how things are designed, the challenges of cost, quality and of course marketing. With millions of vehicles on the road and with an increase if autonomous and electric cars the interior of vehicles including the audio systems will be getting more advanced. We explain why we are testing audio and to help the viewer learn. Thank you to Brian “The Hammer” Poutine Outtro: Alan Fowler Music… Index: 00:001:25 Intro – Why Audio Testing? 1:252:19 Budget and Planning Audio Design 2:194:35 The Right and Wrong Ways 4:335:30 Speaker Selection and Sound Signatures 5:307:38 Badge Engineering 7:3810:18 Truth in Marketing – Less is More 10:1811:35 Sound Profiles and Alterations 11:3512:58 Imaging and Key Terms 12:5814:26 Frequency Response 14:2615:31 Harmonic Distortion 15:3116:20 The Law of Diminishing Returns 16:20 – Timing – Impulse and Step Response