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Tire Torturing Truck

The truck billed as the world’s fastest, meanest, toughest tire-torturing machine is now officially the world’s fastest truck thanks to a record breaking exhibition run at the Queensland International Air Show held at Bundaberg Airport on the weekend (July 16 -17, 2005). The Bandag Bullet smashed the world record for a one kilometer run and potentially set eight world records on the way. The eight tonne Kenworth T400-based Bandag Bullet ran a standing start kilometer in 18.6 seconds with a terminal speed of over 300km/h. How can such a massive truck go so fast? Because it has two twin-turbo , nitrous oxide injected V8 diesel engines with a total capacity of 24 litres (1500 cubic inches), which produce 1100bhp and 5600 ft/lb of torque EACH. When the nitrous is pumping the motors put out 1400 bhp each for a total 2800hp at 3000rpm with power transmitted by an Allison CR 6000 transmission and standard Bandag retread truck tires – the Bandag sponsorship of the truck is now in its 23rd year – 18 years ago the Bullet broke the world truck standing quarter mile with a 14.0 second pass. In it’s present state the Bandag Bullet is consistently running mid 12 second passes over the quarter mile and is a favourite show truck around Australia where driver and co-owner Frank Gaffiero stages a spectacular burnout show, which includes 360 degrees and figure eight burnouts with 2 metre long flames shooting out the four exhaust pipes. The Bandag Bullet will go into the Guinness Book of Records for its run on Sunday – we’re currently awaiting clarification of which records were broken – some of the records the truck was attempting included 1/8 and 1/4 mile as well as 500 and 1000 metre elapsed times and terminal speeds. Mobil Oil sponsored the Bandag Bullet in its attempt to break the world records at the Queensland International Air Show. The Bandag Bullet’s engine is lubricated with Mobil Delvac engine oil. Frank’s incredibly spectacular performances with the Bandag Bullet are for hire. Contact Frank here!