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Volvo Green Lights Renewable Diesel in its Truck Engines

Man in blue jacket at gas fuel pump stations picking up gas nozzle.
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Volvo truck drivers have new fueling options after Volvo recently gave the go ahead on using renewable diesel fuel in its truck engines. This makes Volvo Trucks North America the first manufacturer in its class to offer this option to its operators. Beyond the positive environmental impact, this decision has the potential to bring cost savings to Volvo diesel engine users.

In comparison to previous bio-diesels, the latest generation of renewable diesel fuel carries none of the risks associated with bio-diesels. In effect, Volvo now endorses it as a direct replacement for conventional diesel fuel. This is due to recent improvements in the manufacturing process of renewable diesel fuel. The results of these changes have eliminated the risks associated with using bio-diesels, such as higher maintenance costs and poor diesel engine performance in cold weather.

For Volvo fleet owners and operators, this announcement from the manufacturer will allow them to use renewable diesel without risking warranty protection. For freight companies looking to improve their environmental impact, this decision expands their range of options. This is in addition to Volvo’s commitment and lead in improving fuel economy performance. It also adds to the range of alternative fuel options that Volvo already offers in its natural gas engines.

The announcement comes after full testing in the Volvo diesel engine lab and on the road. And while the latest generation of renewable diesel fuel comes from the same sources as previous bio-diesels, manufacturing improvements now bring the final product to the same standards as petroleum diesel. At the same time, availability of renewable diesel continues to grow.

In terms of raw numbers, the use of renewable diesel delivers a 90% improvement in emissions of greenhouse gases, according to manufacturer reported statistics. Included in this are dramatic reductions in the emission of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and fine particulates. With state and federal regulators continuing to push for big improvements in fleet efficiency, the use of renewable diesel fuel is one more tool that diesel engine operators will need to use to meet emissions and efficiency standards.