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What It’s All About

A gear explaining what mechanic life is like.

Working as an apprentice mechanic is tough. Day after day of hard work, physically demanding labour, and mentally challenging tasks. Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through days, months, even years of hardship? Well, for me I know that the end result will be worth it. I’ll have mastered an extremely useful skill, one that will keep me employed for many years to come. Not only employed, but sharp in the mind. Everything I now look at becomes a puzzle, a task, or an idea. “How does that work, what’s the best way to navigate this traffic jam or, what if I try this a different way?”

Sure, it would be nice to be a banker, doctor or maybe even a lawyer. It takes the same amount of time, and money if you factor in the price of the tools. But, if I chose a different route, at the end of the day I wouldn’t be able to shout “I am a Mechanic!” while shaking my fists high in the air. There is much more to being a mechanic then just turning wrenches. It’s a mechanical mindset, a lifestyle. A mind that requires hours and hours of crafting, and a lifestyle that is very rewarding for those that can go the distance.

There’s a recipe for success, and it goes something like this; Discipline, focus, and responsibility taken for one’s own actions. That applies directly to the life of an apprenticing mechanic, as well as to anybody wanting to succeed at something. I have experienced the benefits of this recipe first hand, having just been offered a job at a state of the art facility. That being said, I’ve spent the last three years at the bottom of the heap, working my way up to this new opportunity. Being focused on the end result is what keeps me motivated, seeing the fruit of my labour. That’s what being a Mechanic, is about.