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The World Needs More Mechanic Bloggers

more mechanics should be bloggers

Knowledge is Power – Find a Mentor or Locate the Right Information

Working under a Journeyman is not always possible in a busy shop or there isn’t anyone around to ask for advice. Mechanics have to think logically and use their common sense to get jobs done. If there isn’t a Journeyman available there is software supplied by most shops to get the information you need. The internet is another option if someone has already found a solution and posted results somewhere online.

Before The Internet and Laptops

When I started out as an apprentice heavy duty mechanic I worked in a copper mine for just under 2 years and finished off my apprenticeship in the north country at a truck repair shop. During that period I asked a LOT of questions directed towards the experienced Journeymen I worked with. The main reason was to get information. I had no experience on certain jobs and I had to find out the details on how to go about troubleshooting and repairing the defect.

Back then the only reference available was a paper copy of the shop manual for engines, transmissions and accessories. That information was mainly for components and how to disassemble and reassemble step by step. Every job I had there was always a street smart experienced Journeyman who was my mentor and always close by to guide me along each and every job with advice and detailed repair tips.

I could not wait to get to the Journeyman’s level and get more experience as time rolled by. My respect for a knowledgeable and savvy red seal technician was huge. They got me out of trouble many times. They could listen to me… tell them about an engine problem and most times state exactly what was wrong or lead me down the right path.

The Power of Information on the Internet

Fast forward to the new millennium and the internet world. They call it the information highway and that is very true as long the the information is coming from a reliable source. Enter the ‘Mechanic Blogger’ who has had practical and theoretical experience in his or her trade of choice.

There are literally volumes of great material stored in every mind of an experienced mechanic. They have been troubleshooting and repairing a LOT of machinery over the course of their trade years and have tons of information that could be documented online and shared by the masses who scan the web for help with a problem.

The World Needs More Mechanic Bloggers

The world needs more mechanic bloggers who are willing to share their knowledge. Most reputable dealers and private shops have the software and resources for help on the “how to” side of things but what about a cranky problem that is way out in left field that’s making you want to pull your hair out? Your ‘keyword’ search online will take you to any information regarding your search.

That is the Google mandate to find the right content for those searching for it. Google rewards sites that have original content and sends others to the ‘sandbox’ as they call it never to be found again. I see a lot of potential with the content I’m seeing in the forum here at mechanicshub. A few paragraphs and a video or photo would really compliment the solutions to mechanical problems that come up in the forum.

Finding That Needle in a Haystack.

The value of a mechanic who has spent hours on a job to find a tough problem who shares what was done to locate the fault and the repairs necessary is worth a pot of gold to another mechanic who is surfing the web for the same problem that comes with a solution.

Come blog with me and the other mechanic bloggers right here at mechanicshub. You can work at your own speed, make a few bucks and we’ll show you how to get started. Click the link at the top of the MH home page. The first step is to take some photos or a video to document a repair. The rest is elementary.