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World’s Biggest Bulldozer – ACCO Super Dozer

The worlds biggest and heaviest bulldozer ever made is the Acco. It is a non production custom ” one-off ” that was built by the Italian Company Umberto Acco in 1980. The Acco was constructed mainly of Caterpillar parts, many other components however were specially adapted, like the big shovel blade that’s bigger than anything Caterpillar make.

This Acco bulldozer is amazing, it is truly one of a kind. It has two final drives, an upper and lower for extra torque, The Acco has a colossal weight of one hundred and eighty three tons! and is powered by two 675 horse power Caterpillar engines. The engines are placed horizontally opposed and deliver a total combined power output of 1350 horse power.

It was originally built for export to Libya for colonel Gaddafi, but due to trade sanctions was never delivered.