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World’s Smallest Large Tyre Nitrogen Filling Unit

TruckTyreSaver is billed as the world’s smallest truck tyre filling unit. TruckTyreSaver is a compact, self-contained, nitrogen generator based tyre inflation system designed for filling large vehicle tyres with nitrogen, supplying the purity required to keep tyres at constant pressure. The TruckTyreSaver will enable truck owners and drivers to take advantage of the acknowledged benefits of inflating large tyres with nitrogen rather than compressed air more comfort and safety, up to 4% savings in fuel costs and up to 30% increase in tyre life. The TruckTyreSaver nitrogen generator makes it possible to easily produce nitrogen from compressed air. The compressed air can be sourced either from a central system or from a dedicated compressor. The unit is equipped for connection to an external nitrogen storage vessel, or directly to the filling piston. The generator will automatically switch on and off depending on the nitrogen demand. Over recent years, the filling of tyres with nitrogen has increased dramatically in popularity in countries such as Germany and Italy where, almost every transport depot, tyre shop and garage is equipped with a source of nitrogen, for example, heavy gas cylinders. Nitrogen has for many years been the accepted gas medium for filling the tyres of aircraft, racing cars and heavy mining and construction vehicles and equipment. Nitrogen is used for safety reasons and to ensure that tyres are always at a constant pressure. Nitrogen inflation is recommended where there is a risk of explosion; where high pressures are involved; and where there is the risk of electrical discharge. Compressed air the traditional medium for inflating tyres contains both oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (78%). The rubber tyre is like a membrane, through which oxygen permeates three times faster than the nitrogen. The result is that the oxygen slowly leaks out through the rubber walls, and the under-inflation leads to higher tyre wear with a consequent decrease in safety and comfort, and higher fuel costs. In addition, the water in the compressed air oxidises the rim causing it to corrode. TruckTyreSaver is a compact, self-contained nitrogen generator based on Parker hollow fibre membrane technology which makes it possible to separate air into nitrogen and an oxygen-enriched air stream. Nitrogen, which is dry, can therefore easily be produced from the compressed air source found in all tyre centres, tyre shops and garages. The system is capable of filling 35 super single tyres per hour. TruckTyreSaver is ready to operate as soon as the compressed air supply is connected and automatically switches on and off depending on the nitrogen demand. The installation has virtually no moving parts and a high quality compressed air treatment section, resulting in reliable, trouble-free operation with virtually no maintenance. TruckTyreSaver: The compact designed TruckTyreSaver can fill up to 35 super single tyres per hour. There is no extra filling time compared to compressed air. Installation is very easy. While not in operation there is no air-loss, thus saving energy use of your compressor. The generator can be connected directly to the filling piston or storage vessel. It includes a high quality compressed air filtration train resulting in minimum maintenance. This inflator tool can be used for bigger tyres, for example, trucks, busses and big vans