Zus: Car Charger of the Future

I’m a techie.  I love new gadgets, and I appreciate the times we live in.  From smart phones to smart TV’s, it’s hard to keep up with everything, but it’s never been so easy to entertain yourself and stay connected.

On the topic of staying connected, I recently came across a new tool to keep me connected to the world.  I am not talking about a phone, I’m talking about a car charger for my phone.  “Why is this guy writing about a phone charger” you ask?  The one I have always been using was a free giveaway at a booth at a trade show I attended a few years ago.  It was free for good reason.  It was extremely slow at charging, it only had one USB port, it was always very hot when I removed it, and quite frankly it was pretty cheap looking.

Being on the move a lot, as well as having a smart phone that struggled to stay on due to weak battery life, I was constantly in need of a charge, so when I came across the Zus Car Charger, I was pretty impressed.  Below are just some of the features that stood out to me:

  • Sleek matte black design
  • Subtle light it emits in your car
  • 2 USB ports – which is great when I have a passenger that needs some battery love
  • Charges FASTER (4.8A)
  • Smart Device Detection
  • Data Plan Free
  • US Military Grade Quality

These are all important to me.  Another feature which I found pretty handy and especially useful in those busy parking lots, is a car locator App.  Of course, since I’m a guy’s guy, I NEVER misplace my car, except that one time…

Zus car charger inside a car.
© 2016

Zus Elegant Shine charging in car. © 2016